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Maddie’s Pet Forum was developed to increase collaboration in the animal welfare industry and support pet caregivers all in the name of lifesaving. Shelter and rescue organization professionals and volunteers can communicate, collaborate, ask questions, and share expertise publicly in the forum and also privately within communities and groups created in the forum.

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Administrative Manager
April 20 at 11:11 AM
  • Randi Leigh Ashley

    Our group is a municipal shelter. We are open intake for strays and managed intake for owner surrenders. Our stray ...
  • Susan Houser

    Do you have a lawyer? If so, you could always run the language by him/her. As to whether to leave ...
  • Casey

    Amanda,  My facility has basically the same wording. We are a non-transparent 501c3 non-profit with intake by admission only. We ...
  • Fearless Kitty

    Great question Amanda because we find ourselves in that same situation.  We are a small, private nonprofit as well and ...

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Manager of Partnerships & Collaboration
July 12 at 11:16 AM


My name is Rain Jordan. I'm late to introductions!  I'm originally from the San Francisco bay area of California; the ...
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  • February 27 at 07:12 AM
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  • Donna Casamento

    Hi everyone! My name is Donna Casamento, I am the Chief Program Officer at Michelson Found Animals Foundation. My primary ...
  • keithacctphilly

    Hi everyone! My name is Keith Mikus, and I'm the Canine Programs Coordinator for ACCT Philly (Philadelphia Animal Control). I'm ...
  • Karly Noel

    Hello from RedRover! My name is Karly and I work in Sacramento, California as the Director of Education and Outreach. Like many ...
  • Caitlin Quinn

    Hi all! I'm Caitlin Quinn and I'm the Director of Operations for a nonprofit organization called HeARTs Speak, whose mission ...
  • Christie Keith

    Where are you from? (city, state, organization, etc.) I'm originally from San Francisco, but I currently live in Michigan. What ...
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Manager of Partnerships & Collaboration
July 12 at 11:25 AM


I was a litigation attorney for the Governor's Office of General Counsel.  In 2001, one of my good friends, who ...
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  • August 19 at 07:01 AM
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  • Bunny Rosenberg

    I started my career in marketing at a start-up in the Bay Area. Surprisingly, even though the start-up was focused ...
  • Karly Noel

    Great topic. It is interesting to see where we've come from and what has brought us to our current professions. ...
  • Caitlin Quinn

    Prior to joining animal welfare, I worked in retail and as waitstaff in restaurants while putting myself through college, then ...
  • Luke Westerman

    I worked on Wall Street before starting my own Venture Capital firm. But our lives changed forever when we rescued ...
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Foster caregiver - Cat
December 06 at 03:00 PM
  • Finn

    I'll be at Texas Unites in Austin next weekend. I'd love to chat with folks who have a program or ...
  • Amber A.

    We, in Galveston County, Texas, allow this. It is a great way to give the dogs a break. We have had ...
  • fredSPCA

    Yes! I attached our protocol! The program is wildly successful and innumerable animals have gotten adopted because of the exposure! ...
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Manager of Partnerships & Collaboration
November 06 at 09:54 AM
  • Fearless Kitty

    Thanks everyone for sharing, we are about to hire two new part-time employees (I can't believe I'm typing the word ...
  • emilydpfl

    I recommend to anyone-at any stage in their animal welfare journey-to visit as many shelters as they can! I have ...
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